Ignition Repair Service

We’re Your Local Automotive Ignition Repair & Replacement Specialists

There’s almost nothing worse than trying to turn the key in your car’s ignition and it won’t budge. Even worse is when you force it and the key breaks off! It always seems like these sorts of problems happen at the worst times and you’re left sitting in your driveway unable to get to work, or in the grocery store’s parking lot with ice cream melting in your bags. Lucky for you we’re local and mobile and we’ll come to you and repair or replace your ignition quickly and for less than the dealership.

Our team of highly skilled mobile locksmiths is trained and experienced in ignition services for a huge range of makes and models of cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs. We have more than 10 years of experience in the Tampa area, and every one of our team members is a fully licensed, trained, and professional locksmith whose work is 100% guaranteed.

Is the Problem With the Ignition or the Key?

Locksmith replacing an automotive ignition.

Our technicians are trained to diagnose, repair, and replace ignitions in a huge variety of cars, trucks, vans, and even RVs.

Sometimes the problem isn’t with the ignition, but an issue with the key. If your key is damaged or worn out and the ignition lock won’t turn, we can originate a new key for you. If the key breaks off in the ignition lock we can extract the broken part and cut you new copies of the key. If your key is in good condition but the ignition is sticky and hard to turn or won’t turn at all, we’ll diagnose the issue and let you know if it can be repaired or if it’s too far gone and needs to be replaced.

We also work on remote ignition systems and wireless key fobs for most makes and models. If your fob or remote is malfunctioning and we’re not able to repair it, we can program a new one on-site using the tools and equipment in our locksmith vehicles. We have specialized programming equipment necessary to program replacements for your fob, remote, transponder head key, and flip keys. No matter how advanced or old-fashioned the ignition system on your car happens to be, we have experience fixing and replacing it for customers all over the Tampa-Hillsborough County area. We can even repair ignition switches that have stopped receiving signals from their paired wireless units.

Other Automotive Locksmithing Services

Ignitions are just one part of the car that might need expert attention from our professional mobile locksmiths. In addition to ignition repair, we offer emergency unlock services for unlocking automotive doors, trunks, glove compartments, and truck toolboxes. We can also cut almost any type of car key right there in the field using the key-cutters in our vehicles, and we can program all types of remotes and fobs as well. If you drive an uncommon make or model or a vintage car and want new keys or remotes, give us a call and we’ll let you know if we have the key blank or exact remote or fob in stock, and we’ll give you a quote for the service.

Mobile Locksmith Service for Tampa

When you call the pros at Platinum Locksmith, you’re working with top-tier locksmith technicians with the ultimate convenience of on-site service. We guarantee your total satisfaction with all of the work that we do, and we stand by the equipment and craftsmanship we use to make every job a winner. If your car won’t start and you think it might be an issue with your vehicle’s ignition system, call us right away at 813-773-1156, and let us know where you’re parked. We’ll be right out for your ignition repair at an affordable price.